Welcome to Your Daily Admonition




1. reprimand someone firmly

2. advise or urge someone earnestly

3. warn someone of something to be avoided

At first, I was planning on naming this blog “Your Daily Encouragement”.  Think about that word—encouragement—for a moment. The root word is courage, which is something we all need in greater supply. But an encouragement is most often thought of these days as someone patting you on the back and saying, “Way to go!” or, “Keep up the good work!”

But I didn’t start this blog to tell internet strangers that they’re doing great and to keep on keeping on. There’s enough of that on the world wide web as it is, most of it quite nice but utterly ineffective. However, neither is it my goal to tell you that you suck and your life is a fucking mess, because there’s also more than enough of that on the internet, and it’s equally fruitless.

Instead, what you will find on this blog will be meant to kick you in the ass, to rattle you out of complacency, and to inspire within you the necessary boldness to start doing whatever it is you’ve been putting off—in short, to admonish you. 

This blog is designed to be your quick daily reminder (and my own, to be honest) that regardless of your particular situation, there are areas of your life—perhaps your physical and mental health, your finances, your shortcomings, your passions, etc—that you can and should improve. Almost every goal you currently have is slowly but surely becoming one of two things: something you will have done by your life’s end, or something you will wish you’d done. It’s up to you.

No really, it’s up to you.

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